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अकबर की धार्मिक नीति-जुगनू आरा

अकबर प्रथम शासक था जिसने शासन के आरम्भ से ही धीरे-धीरे सभी धर्मो और आध्यात्मिक आन्दोलनों के प्रति प्रगतिशील उदारता और सक्रिय सहानुभूति की नीति को अपनाया। है।


This is my research paper on “History and Historiography of Diverse Movements in Modern India” .My simple research paper has a very dynamic problem. This paper explores the possibility of new field of research .It reflects on how Indian National Movement and Modern History subjectivity have evolved both  in the domain of disciplinary knowledge’s and  in India’s national and regional politics. Time and again referring to our experience of how Modern Historiography has come about in India. At this time, we need to rethink rewrite Indian National Movement with new ideology. Now at this time the history written by some type of school that is Nationalist, colonial school of thought, Annals school, Marxist, communist, the new Cambridge school of history. Whatever till today now, when we read and write history then we can say that all types of school has their own ideology and logic and some time they manipulate some facts and thought. You checked him surely; you are influenced or biased from any school of history. We must adopt a new ideology, in this idea all of which have included. The diver’s movement has its own diverse nature situation from other movements.

ग्वालियर के तोमर शासनकालीन ऐतिहासिक महल:डॉ.  आनन्द कुमार शर्मा

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